Free Wireless (Wi-Fi) High Speed Internet

Summer Paradise brings you complete wireless internet coverage for laptops and phones. With new powerful wireless access points located on all three floors to eliminate weak spots.

Also 8 of the TV’s have wired internet connections for fast reliable NetFlix and other streaming services.

The  2nd floor office study also has a wired ethernet jack and cable.

Note, that the owner and rental company (Twiddy) do not provide technical support for connecting your computer to the high speed internet or wireless network. Connecting to the Wi-Fi network is usually very simple. If it works at home or other public Wi-Fi locations, it will work here.

Computer Printer

Summer Paradise includes a Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner. Using it for fax or copies does not require a computer connection. The printer has iPrint allowing printing for iPhones and other apple products. The printer connects to your computer with a supplied USB cable.




Summer Paradise

Heated Pool

Don’t freeze early or late in the season, Summer Paradise’s pool can be heated for just $250 extra

Buck Island, Corolla, NC